About us

Extensive experience in property and facility management + lean software development process = Solutions with market driven value

Why choose us

We all believe in customer first approach, i.e. providing the solutions for the problems that customers are facing. Providing solutions is only one part. Keeping customer satisfaction high is another. We are working hard to improve the customer experience and provide up-to-date technologies to make their job easier and more productive.

Our mission

We are in a constant drive to continuously add value to our customers by identifying early the end user requirements and implementing regularly new features. Our focus on Innovations and product improvements helps our customers be more productive and work smarter

How we do it

We are determined to provide the best value at any stage of the customer lifecycle, starting with the validated extraction of the business requirements, that will guarantee quick and quality implementation leading to a prompt support and continuous product improvement.

How do we optimize your business?

  • Business Analisys

    After one or more meetings, we get to know the specifics of your work and we get a clear view on how we can help you.
  • Planning

    We create a plan for implementation which includes clear goals and timeframe for start, training and initial data input.
  • Implementation

    The process of data entry and integration is done in conjunction with our team.
  • Support

    After the end of the implementation period, you can rely on us for help and support.

Our Team

Our diverse team has an extensive experience in developing, implementing and supporting high class business solutions
Georgi Halachev

Georgi Halachev

Co-founder, CEO, sales and business

Georgi is EMBA graduate and entrepreneur with more than 17+ in managing B2B software companies. He is responsible for the business development and strategic positioning.

Vera Apostolova

Vera Apostolova

Co-founder, product development, UX and support

Vera is a customer success specialist, UX and UI expert and product development manager. She is responsible for the product development roadmap, customer support, training and onboarding new account.

Hristo Ignev

Hristo Ignev

.NET development and test automation

Hristo is a software developer. He is very enthusiastic for every new feature in the pipeline and is also responsible for supporting the automated test procedures, that guarantees that most of the bugs are caught by us first.

Apostol Apostolov

Apostol Apostolov

Co-founder, technology and marketing

Apostol is 10+ years in designing and developing Web based business solutions and mobile apps. He leads bilid software development unit and is devoted to the quality and timely software production and delivery.

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