Lease Extracts

Keep track of all your lease details in digital format. Send automatic Invoices, reminders and track payments and overdue accounts

Daily emails

Important notifications

bilid sends frequent notifications for contracts' expiry dates, bank guarantees, due dates, indexing terms and more directly to your email. No more worries and fears that you are missing something important.

for rent, service charges, taxes and expenses

Automated charges and bills

bilid issues and sends all bills and invoices automatically for you, together with the proper accountancy-level export

Business process improvement and easy predictability

Established process

bilid helps companies establish an improved business process by enabling clear responsibility, efficiently and data-driven management decisions

Lease contract extracts

Lease contract extracts

Digital lease management for tenants and owners
  • Register Rental terms, management fees and any additional billing services
  • Choose among diverse price calculation algorithms
  • Set flexible step rent terms
  • Automate price adjustments based on popular indexes ,
  • Notifications and alerts for all critical events, due dates, contract terms and more

e-Bills and e-Invoices

Automated recurring charges and bills. bilid issues and sends e-Invoices and track electronic payments
  • Precise calculation of rental fees and charges for all contract terms
  • Generate bill specifications with all the original charge information
  • Custom view for bills and invoices
  • On-line payments processing and past due alerts
  • Export all documents to CRM, ERP and accounting systems
e-Bills and e-Invoices

Expenses management

bilid provides full support for automated reading, processing and expenses allocation among tenants and owners. It takes bilid only minutes, but saves you many days and costly mistakes.

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Help Desk and Preventive maintenance

Well organized preventive and accidental maintenance is crucial for the tenants satisfaction and achieving expected ROI. bilid helps you manage all the maintenance duties of the support stuff in real time.

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Reprots and BI

bilid consolidates real-time data from all your properties and helps you stay on top of what is really happening with your business. Subscribe to notifications of your choice and you will receive email every time something important needs your attention.

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