Utility and other Expenses

bilid simplifies the processing of all Expenses by enabling full automation of allocating charges among tenants, owners and property managers

Connects to property BMS

Automated reading

bilid connects to building management systems to automatically read all meters and calculate charges. Upload PDF expense statements to bilid and all charges will be magically allocated to your tenants

No more boring calculations

Automated Allocation

Precise cost allocation of charges according to various algorithms based on area utilization, utility meters, common areas and more...

Full traceability for your tenants

Detailed specifications

No more disputes on bills and invoices. Meters readings and other initial data is included in as an specification attachment to the official documents.

Flexible Expenses management

Flexible Expenses management

  • Processing monthly, yearly and other recurring expenses
  • Cost allocation to tenants, owners or open book balance
  • Various allocation algorithms based on - rented area, utilized %, utility meters and more...
  • Expense categories
  • Flexible Expense periods

Accounting interfaces

  • Precise calculations of charges according to the effective contract terms
  • Automated charges specification
  • Customized document view
  • e-Payments processing and past due alerts
  • Two-way CRM, ERP and accounting systems integration
Accounting interfaces

Lease management

All lease are digital extracted and stored in one place for day-to-day tenants management. Learn more about how bilid automates Invoices, Receipts and payments and how it keeps you notified about important dates and actions to be taken.

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Help Desk and Preventive maintenance

Well organized preventive and accidental maintenance is crucial for the tenants satisfaction and achieving expected ROI. bilid helps you manage all the maintenance duties of the support stuff in real time.

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Reprots and BI

bilid consolidates real-time data from all your properties and helps you stay on top of what is really happening with your business. Subscribe to notifications of your choice and you will receive email every time something important needs your attention.

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