How much does professional property and facility management cost?

bilid helps every property and facility managers increase their productivity and scale their business. Our pricing is related to the business scale component of the companies - the number of the managed units

Residential Properties

from 0.15 / apartment /month

Business Properties

commercial incl.
from 1.66 / unit /month

Pricing components

Our goal is to provide quick and easy on-boarding, together with a long-term value utilization and constant improvements. We are charging a Set-up fee which is our commitment to the successful implementation and team training. We also charge monthly fees to provide infrastructure, support and new features

Set-up fee

equals 3 monthly fees
  • Implementation consulting
  • Training
  • Bulk import of properties' existing information - units, contracts, facility meters, etc

Monthly fee

based on the number of units in every building + add-ons
  • World wide accessibility
  • Server and database license
  • Hosting at Microsoft Azure
  • Phone and email support
  • Updates and improvements

Custom Requirements

Send us a feature request or an improvement suggestion and we will try to provide the solution in bilid.
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